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photo by Pia Eichenberger  
The Team of ARTOPHO - Admins and judges are posting o.o.c. (out of contest) in the group.:
  Heinrich Johannes Siepmann

Born 1953 in Mülheim on Ruhr/Germany. Studies of Arts at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Studies of Fotodesign at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. Freelance artistic work and longtime engagement at an Art Gallery, among other activities in the range of computer design, creating invitations and catalogues. Since 2005 self employed with art trade and design.

  Kay Duke
Way back in time when my grandfather introduced me to photography and his work in the b/w laboratory the "spark was ignited" and I have never stopped taking pictures and experimenting since, however I don't miss the analog times and love to work with all the possibilities that digital and computer can offer.
As far as a preference for certain genres goes, I only follow my inner compass for motives and would even say, the motives find me.
I was born in Germany and moved to the United States a few years ago. I am professionally trained in Grafic Design, Reprophotography in the printing business and Photoshop and I am currently teaching photography and digital editing at the local technical college here.
  Bea Grüter
Born many (56) years ago as daughter of Italian parents I’m living in Switzerland. Besides my family-life since 16 years I’m part-time working in a phone-call service for deaf people. I detected my big photography-passion several years ago. Since then I find everywhere something interesting to take pictures. The world is full of awesome subjects and I remember several astonishing looks around me, even if for other people they are sometimes not visible at the first sight. In the meantime the camera is the most important & precious object in my home & bag and with my beloved photography-hobby I found a pleasant way to learn and live on after the loss of my oldest son.
  Heléna Adelmann Heléna, 47 & Swedish, lived many years in Germany. Been working the past 9 years as a translator. Was just a holiday photog. until 3 years ago … but the death of my best friend brought me out of ”track” and I found that photographing was therapy and I discovered how incredible it was to be able to describe feeling with pixels.. my greatest aim with photography .. to express feelings… Now I have some assignments and photography is turning into my work as well. My first exhibition this summer. I have found my place....
  Peter Szymanski I was born 1951 in Brühl, situated between Cologne and Bonn in Germany. I worked as a head miner in the Rhenish Brown Coal Field and am retired since 2003. My two favourite passions are the music and the photography. I can't play any musical instrument, but combining my passions I'm taking a lot of my photos on concerts. I'm learning more and more... the editing of pictures with Photoshop is very exciting for me.
  Marcos Bolaños  
  Vero Sprinkle I was born and raised in Monterrey, NL México, I moved to Texas in the early's 90's. My first photo was captured at the age of six years old with an old camera. My passion has grown over time during my travels around the world. I have learned about many different cultures and tastes. I wanted to capture all of the special moments I have witnessed in my photos. I have taken art and photography courses to grow with my passion, but more importantly to practice and learn from other techniques. My first exhibition with one of my photos was in Seville, Spain 2012 with a group of photographers. From there I exhibited my photos in some local cafes. I am currently working in the bilingual educational system in Texas making a difference in the minds of the children who will be the future someday.
  Lea De Meulenaere Born in Brussels/Belgium. Working as a teacher in day and evening classes. My father was an amateur photographer. A few months before he died I started taking pictures and I haven't stopped since. I can be very obsessive at times and my view to the world has changed a lot. I never go out without a camera. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching and loving and thinking of my dad. Minimalism is my most favourite subject. Sometimes you can tell a large story with a tiny subject.
  Reinhard Wessely  
  Lili Palet I am a mexican Graphic Designer and a photography lover. I have a personal businnes, baby stuffs since 2005, but two years ago I started to work as a profesional photographer, especially with families and kids. I can't imagine life without a camera, it's my way of "seeing"... Always looking at the miracles of nature and finding the beauty where others can't see...
  Laure Baraton Laure, French, born in 1971 in the west suburb of Paris. I studied in the scientific and I work since 1996 in the world of the finance. I love a lot of things, the cinema and the photography are became my passions. Since I'm child, I was always attracted by the artistic world. I drew a lot and my sisters also. This came from my mother who paints and who studied at the "Arts Déco".
I got my first camera at 10 years and I started interesting me at the photography well more later around 25 years. This became a passion progressively. The photography is a wonderful way to give the emotion simply or artisticly from the picture and I love take or see these emotions.
  Maiken Brathe I'm a semi old lady and live close to Hamburg, Germany. My profession is writing and my passion to take pictures. I started to photograph just two years ago and now it's an important part of my life. In my opinion a good shot is not only a picture with the best technique and best visual quality. A good shot is a picture, which tells a story. Maybe this depends on my "writer's heart. By the way, okay, I'm not a semi old lady... I'm only semi old!"
  Odette Macia Born in Paris in 1962 I have traveled to many countries, having the chance to experience different cultures. I work as a psychoanalyst, my passion. I also studied anthropology and am teaching Yoga. I live now in México. I am not a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures pretty intuitive. My influences for the photography are film and literature. I think art, sports, and good humor are essential to every human being.
  Eugenia Kanavarou Born in Sparta Peloponnisse Greece (1967), I live in Athens. I studied graphic designs and I worked for 25 years at International Advertisng Companies as Art Director in Creative Team. Last year (2014) I lost my job and suddenly I lost my usual life... I had to find something to make me feel happy, to calm my soul... Photogaphy was a part of my work for years, so i decided to make focus in this! I love any kind of art and love to work with all the possibilities that digital and computer can offer. It was like a miracle, some kind of magic every time i make “click”... catching the moment makes me feel so excited, so alive. I believe that moments beautify our lifes and moments will follow us until we die... are stories of life. Also I start again painting courses in charcoal, with purpose to give examinations in the Art School of Athens. In a few words describing myself I can say that I am a dreamer and photography makes me escaping and dreaming of a beautiful better world.
  Carolina Rath  
  Shmuel Saad
  Rita Blue W
I'm born and live in Zürich, i’m half italian. I do not photograph for such a long time. At first i had a polaroid camera and then a digital camera and i just photographed more and more… Meanwhile i love to strolling around with the camera, like to take pics intuitively… I’m a social worker here in town, a intense work (jungle of life…) and so i like it a lot after work (or at all...), to ‚dive' through pictures and to take pictures, as a complementary and balancing part of my life... I have always liked to think in images… So in short, when i photograph, i'm happy..
  Ibi Eckert
  Alane Younger
Born in 195?. My world is all about art, any art including photography which I learned from my husband of 37 years back in the days of the darkroom, film developing and printing one's own Black & White work. When my children were small I participated in Juried Art Shows painting my own Americana Folk Art and Traditional Pennsylvania German Folk Art. I appreciate good craftsmanship of every kind from the conception through the finished project. Some things I love include my family, taking and viewing photographs, having an appreciation and knowledge of graphic art, paintings, great music, wine and beer (Yuengling brewed locally), all things nature and finally gardening, growing both vegetables & flowers. Photography is universal language, one in which we all have a voice... Lending my support to all photographers, from all countries without discrimination is something I am passionate about. A great image speaks for itself. On a personal note I am my own harshest critique always pushing boundaries to improve.
  Gábor Ősz
  Ellen Driesse-Pladdet
  Silvia Marchetti
I was born in Italy 47 years ago and raised in Mexico, I consider myself citiizen of the world. I am not a professional photographer, but in process since 3 years ago, when for a personal reason I took seriously in my life this activity, and jumped from doing a picture to thinking of it. I am a single mother of twins of 12 years, I live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and for living I do Marketing and Publicity for a Vacation company with hotels in the Caribbean, what has given me the possibility to travel and see all kinds of cultures and sights, the thing I most like to do in my life. Thanks to photography I see now the world in a totally different way, I have built many strong friendships and it has lead to many places for what I am very grateful.
  Lucia Souza

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